A Star Wars discussion


I recently posed a question to the POI crew and what follows is that discussion – Please feel free to comment and join in on the conversation!

Josh Hawkes – I’m sure we’ve all discussed on our shows the future of Star Wars, but if we were in charge of making the movies,  what would you put in the flicks and why? And where the hell is Lando?…… OK… Respond!!

Jason Webb – Im not particularly a huge star wars fan, my opinion though the new movies should be darker more dark side, more Sith. I think the original trilogy had a good balance, prequels were a little bit more sweetness and light, love stories and such. I personally would go dark and give only the slightest bit of hope to keep people believing but start killing off people too, both sides. I think in this age, that would be the only way to go, its what people of this generation expect now I think! I think the missing Lando from episode 7 is kinda strange to be honest, I thought they would have had him back. I just hope the cast is able to pull off a better performance than people are expecting. Either way it just adds to the most epic summer of cinema in many years. 2015 is gonna be the year I finally buy a year cinema pass!

Francis Fernandez – I definitely liked the Star Wars films, but I’m more a fan of Star Wars as a concept (and as a result, the video games) more than an actual film series. Still, if I were to have control over the films, I would skip the story of Luke, Leia, and Han, and go straight to their children, or their children’s children. No need for this post war evil. It’s like the Star Wars universe can’t have a moment of peace! Let there be a time of peace, where the original trio die after a long and happy life, and then the Sith reappear after amassing power both in army and in the Force, for a new battle to begin. Or better yet, a story where the Sith and the Jedi have to work together. Oh and Lando? He’s alive, tended by his and Leia’s love child. But if you’re talking about Lando in Ep. 7, I hope he died a heroic death and Han and Leia honor him by naming their son after him.

Overall, I’m excited for the next film because it’s not George Lucas. It’s nice to see the vision of another pair of eyes and ears on this project. With the casting of Gwendoline Christie, aka. Brienne of Tarth, & Lupita Nyong’o, it looks like it will be the opposite effect of the prequels, and end up being the new bar for Star Wars films. Do I believe J.J. Abrams is the end all of film makers? No. But I think he’ll do a fine job of making an amazing series of films that will live in the hearts of adults and kids for generations. And thank God, because somebody needs to wash out the bad taste of Jar Jar Binks.
Josh Hawkes – I agree with aspects of both of these responses.  First up, I think the new Trilogy will be a bit darker than the past films.  It seems to be more of what the audience wants these days – Look at the new Superman movie or the recent Batman flicks.  The idea of the Sith coming back in greater numbers and ability is intriguing, yet at the same time; aren’t we ready for a new enemy?  What i would like to see is all the abilities we’ve read about for years in comic books or what we’ve seen in the cartoons over the years.
On Francis’ point of the new Trilogy NOT having The Lucas Touch is both interesting and scary for me.  This is after all Lucas’ story and baby – But i think he got sucked in too much by building a CGI movie and lost what it is that made the original movies so much fun…..Practical Effects.  The recent video Abrams posted that shows a creature walk through the shot for me, was quite awesome.  To me, he said I’m using practical effects in this movie’ without saying anything was rad.  Movies should have CGI added to make the scene better, not base the whole things on CGI.
Lets talk about Lando – I missed the chance to ask the man Himself at a recent Convention – I really wanted to know why he hasn’t been announced for the new movie.  Francis – Its quite possible that he and Leia have a love child and he’s got a nice place in Cloud City, waiting to take over the joint when Lando is ready to retire.
All i know is that, Summer of 2015 is going to be the Summer of The Wars for me.  I cant wait to see what we will be presented and what new adventures we will go on with the universe many of us love and grew up with.



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