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StarFest Prepares for May the Fouth Celebration

We all know that May the Fourth is becoming a bigger thing each year.  This year, StarFest is planning an entire weekend of fun for all your Star Wars needs! Here is list of things planned that you need to make sure to check out – Get your StarFest 2014 tickets HERE

Here is a list of Confirmed and Invited Guests -

Amanda Tapping Confirmed
Billy Dee Williams Confirmed
Nichelle Nichols Confirmed
Tim Russ Confirmed
Sam Witwer Confirmed
Suzie Plakson Confirmed
Patrick Stewart Still Invited



A Whole Bunch of Star Wars Fun For Everyone!

Jar Jar Dunk Tank
(All weekend long! – sponsored by the Denver County Fair!) Jar Jar Binks Dunk Tank! For those who hate Jar Jar – Don’t miss this chance to publicly show your disdain! For those who love Jar Jar – help Jar Jar visit his watery homeworld of Naboo (at least for a minute)!

Miss Empire Pageant
(Sunday) Are you the most Evil and Glamorous female in the Empire? …Not to mention the Official “StarFest Miss Empire” sash and tiara? Register for the pageant by emailing sf_events@comcast.net

Send a short note describing your two-minute talent presentation and why you want to win! Only 15 entrants allowed. We’ll let you know if you are in by April 25!

Boba Fett Hunt
( All weekend long) Register at Convention Information and get your list of “Wanted Characters!”  Find them at the con, and snap a pic of you with the character. The more costumed characters you capture, the closer you come to winning the Boba Fett Bounty Hunt Grand prize!

Master Jedi Gage and DanielStar Wars Lightsaber Pinata Training
(Sunday) Lightsaber Pinata Training with Jedi Masters Gage and Daniel! For kids 10 and under to hone their Jedi Skills! You’re blindfolded, with a light saber, trying to smash the floating piñata… (You remember that scene!)
Be the Jedi you were meant to be!

These ARE the Droids You’re Looking For!
(All Weekend long) It’s Trivia Bowl meets Scavenger Hunt in this weekend-long quest to find the full set of Droid stickers hidden around the con!

Star Wars Hall Costume Contest
(Sunday) Here is your chance to show off your Star Wars costume and win some great prizes! Go to Convention Information and pick up your “official number”.  Convention attendees will determine who has the Force with Them on this one!

Yoda Sound Alike

(Sunday) Think like Yoda you can sound? Live in the Main Events Room. Prize, you may win! Show up 10 minutes early to enter!

Additional Star Wars Events and Competitions!
Star Wars Balcony Decoration (Decorate your Atrium balcony)
Best Star Wars Costume Category — Take home the honor in our Saturday night costume contest!
Best Star Wars Art — Prize category in the StarFest Art Show!
Find the Star Wars reference in the video room — All non-Star Trek videos will have some reference to Star Wars. Some are more obvious than others. How many can you spot?

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Split…a graphic novella review by J.M.Clark

Split3I grew up the son of a young single mother who, to this day, remains my greatest hero. I’ve have always looked at her as an example of courage and perseverance.  Thankfully I did not come to be in this position due to any circumstances nearly as tragic as those in Split, but those coupled with my respect for single mothers meant that this story had me hook line and sinker.

Split is simply the story of a mother and her children and what can result from the greatest of darkness and pain. I happily went along with this tale of selflessness and strength, I felt for this woman. I felt pride in her steadfastness to provide happiness and stability for the children she cared for. John Rodriguez‘ art perfectly expresses the somber feeling of a woman ‘s day to day numbness as she forces her way through life trying to deal with a broken soul all the while trying to instill happiness in the children around her. His contrasting use of colours and black and whites lends to a sense of an array of emotional states while Mira Mortal patiently guides us through this numbness using her dialogue to beautifully emphasise that feeling of drudgery and emptiness that comes with life’s tragedy’s. Her words are placed in wonderful balance with Rodrigues’s art working simultaneously to keep a smooth transition throughout the book.

Split is not a story to be taken lightly. It will test your understanding of what it means to deal with tragedy and loss. It will show you the depths and heights achievable by the human psyche when faced with real life horror. It will show you what you weren’t expecting. Good Luck.


Please visit the kickstarter for Split



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Split…a graphic novella review by Francis Fernandez

Split Cover

Every once in awhile, there’s a one shot comic that really surprises you, and really grabs you, and you find yourself thinking about it long after you’ve finished reading the last page. That’s what Split is all about. It’s about making you think and feel and then think again. Normally I’d give a synopsis of the story, but I really don’t want to ruin it. It’s a story worth reading from beginning to end. What I can tell you is this. It’s a story about a family coping with a lost loved one, and how each person deals with tragedy in their own way.


This seems to be a 50 page book, but in reality, instead of small panels, the artist, John Rodriguez uses a lot of full page panels to show the elements of the story. And it’s important, because each character has very little dialogue, and the story is told through the character’s expressions. Each emotion is finely crafted on the faces of these characters, further reiterating that a picture is worth a thousand words. You can feel what the character is feeling, yet still not know the what and why of it all. And it’s with that story direction by writer, Mira Mortal, that seems to place the right emotion at just the right spot. The story was not perfect, and I am still confused about a few things after the big reveal, but it was satisfying and keeps you thinking about it after you’ve put the book down.


In all honesty, I like a book that talks to me, not only in picture, but in words, and for me, the lack of dialogue was off putting and gave me a sense that something was missing. I realize that’s the point in the end, which makes the story clever. Though it sounds like a dig, it’s actually a positive thing. The writer and artist are holding your hand through this journey, and guiding you through it’s seemingly straight, paved roads. I found myself being lulled to a point of confusion, as the dialogue reveals little of the main plot of this story. As a matter of fact, I started not to care about the plot as I felt something nagging at the corner of my mind saying, “There’s something going on here, I just can’t put my finger on it.”

It’s not easy reviewing a comic and not revealing anything, because I know what it’s like to have a comic or movie ruined for you. It’s a horrible feeling, and you want to strangle the person who did the spoiling. I’d rather keep my neck in check and say, this is a comic in the making and worth your time and money, as this is also a kickstarter project. I have no investment in this project…yet, but I know that I’d like to see more like this comic novella (a term coined on the kickstarter page). I give this one, 8 out of 10 measurements of enjoyment.

Francis Fernandez (The Other Guy)
aka @SortaGeek




Please visit the kickstarter for Split

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Split…a graphic novella review by Jay Webb

Split CoverAfter receiving this comic to review, I didn’t know what to expect. I know of Artist John Rodriguez AKA “JAR” from twitter and speaking with him previously about other things, Split almost passed me by. I only started following Mira Mortal recently too, when I was given the opportunity to review this book.


“Split” begins with a haunting image on the front cover, which in essence the first time you view it, the image doesn’t really take hold, that is until you read the novella. The opening of the story gives you the tragic premise of the whole issue while the whole time playing in the back of your mind, giving you the beginning of this horrific tale of a young families way of coping with tragedy. Throughout the story you are given nothing more than a few lines of dialogue and what seems to be a repeating of days only with different leads for each day, while all the time telling the story of the main character. The few words we actually get to read just help you read through the story at a nice pace, while all the time giving you little snippets into the life of the struggling family. It isn’t till the last few pages of the story that you begin to piece everything together, and things start to fall into place. This is done perfectly by the creative team, giving just enough to grip you, then when you can’t take waiting anymore, you get the dark and gritty climax to this heart breaking story.

When I review books I usually like to talk about each individual creator, artist and writer, but this time I truly see the full collaboration of both JAR and Mira. The stark contrast between the mothers living hell, and the happiness she is trying to provide for the family is very apparent, especially with the colours used on the happy pages, and the distinctive black, whites, and greys used to depict the gloom and sadness of the others, right up until the shocking conclusion. This truly is an independent work of art, from both collaborators.

If you are a fan of independent comics, please consider backing this great kickstarter project on the following link, you most certainly will not regret doing so.

To Mira and Jar, Bravo, I instantly re-read this story., and to Josh, Jay, and the POI crew thanks for letting me read this book.

Please visit the kickstarter for Split


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Devil Dealers…a graphic novel review by J.M. Clark

Writer Ross May (Tales of the TMNT) has joined forces with artist Brett Wood  (The Silver Bullet) to bring us a fresh new out look on the old Faustian tale of making a deal with the Devil and wagering one’s soul. As I first began this story I had the feeling I was in for the same old morality lesson about the dangers of gambling something as precious as one’s soul. Very quickly however I was very pleasantly surprised to see that I was mistaken as this story is far more one of hope and perseverance than it is a cautionary tale.

devilpin It is the story of Greg Gagne ( Gagne being French for “to win” for all those non-Canadians unfamiliar with roll-up-the-rim) a professional gambler who’s lucky streak is tested when he sits down for a simple game of cards. Turns out Greg has unwittingly entered into a contest with Satan for his eternal soul. Where this story goes next is a fun, heroic and introspective look at what a person really holds most dear to their heart. devilgagne

Greg finds himself teamed up along side a band of  the Devil’s former opponents who use their curses to their advantage in a constant race to fight the Devil’s attempts to garner the souls of the unwitting.  Artist Bret Wood brings some a very bold, bright well defined look to the book’s visuals blending together timeless qualities from different eras while writer Ross May brings an obvious experience of well structured, easy to follow storytelling delivering and original and entertaining tale. Devil Dealers takes the battle against evil out of the giant, epic battles and soaring space fantasies and puts it right back where it can be the most disturbing, the human psyche.

If I haven’t yet convinced you to take a look at Devil Dealers here’s one more reason that should seal the deal, pun intended. Fiddle battles, people. FIDDLE BATTLES!

Please visit and enjoy… Devil Dealers





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An Elegant Weapon Episode XCVIII…Flight of The Wayward Raven

waywardravenThe Jedi Ras is joined by Mark and Alex from Wayward Raven Media. We discuss comics, conventions, movies and their Kickstarter for Signed C.  Many goodtimes and giggles are had!

A Jedi Ras cut.

Episode XCVIII





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The Next Element Podcast #40

Hello, and welcome back, faithful podcastigators! Anthony and Colin are back up in it for a delightful episode number 40.

First up is a review of the web comic (and soon to be published) Headlocks and Headaches, by Dean Stahl. It’s a good read by an emerging artist and we strongly encourage you to go out and read it.
Next is a review of The Raid 2. One of the most amazing martial arts films of all time, according to both of us. Jaw-effing-dropping. Seriously, you guys will not be disappointed; if you’re a fan of martial arts, this is an absolute don’t-miss adventure.
As always you can hit us up on thenextelementpodcast@gmail.com, follow us on twitter @nextelementpod, @anthonybachman, and @colinadding.


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Back When We Were Interesting Ep. 4 – Workaholics Anonymous

Welcome to Back When We Were Interesting, where we talk about the stories and the experiences that make us and you, interesting. This week it’s about work as Josh Hawkes and Francis Fernandez talk about our best and worst jobs, getting fired, getting laid off, and getting rewarded and having fun. Work is a lot of work sometimes, but sometimes a job can be the best thing ever. It’s all that and more on this week’s Back When Podcast.

iTunes – Subscribe!
Send us your stories to: feedback@backwhenpodcast.com
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Visit the website: http://pointsofinterestpodcast.com/
Get the iPhone app at our Mobile Site -  http://backwhen.podbean.com/mobile/
Josh – @303_Ninja on Twitter
Francis – @sortageek on Twitter

Episode 4


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A Critical Moment of Awesome Ep. 144: Procrastination Is In My Jeans!

All new Critical Moment of Awesome has us a little lazy as Dave the Drummer and Francis the Other Guy talk procrastination, being ugly, vagina, and the sun revolving around the earth? It’s that plus our bad movie and music video of the week, on Crit Mo.

If you look stupid, you probably are? -http://www.realclearscience.com/journal_club/2014/04/11/if_he_looks_stupid_he_probably_is_108592.html

Tissue-engineered autologous vaginal organs in patients: a pilot cohort study - http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(14)60542-0/abstract

Captain Janeway FOOLED! - http://time.com/54684/star-trek-kate-mulgrew-the-principle-film/

Procrastination in our genes? - http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/08/health/procrastination-genes-time/

- Bad Song: Crazy Preacher Lady - http://youtu.be/ZOWWP-rtAks

You’re listening to A Critical Moment of Awesome, the devolution of a great idea. From pop culture, to music, movies, games, science, food and more, we really do cover it all. If you want to suggest a topic, have questions or want to tell us what we got wrong, write us at critmo@mail.com. Thanks again for listening.

Episode 144


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The Junk Food Podcast Episode 10

The Jedi Ras holds court entertaining P.O.I’s resident reviewer Mr.Jay Webb whilst awaiting the rise of the Phoenix. We talk about everything, beginning with The Bat.

A Jedi Ras cut.

Episode 10


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Gamerstable Return to Powergaming – Ep157

Here we are again. We talk about one of the most divisive topics in gaming, powergaming. We touch on some things we’ve talked about before and expound on some concepts.

If you have some input on this, leave a comment here, via email or on our Facebook page.

Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Shannon, Jayson and Shawn

Items Mentioned:
Legend of the Five Rings, Warhammer, Star Trek, Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, Vampire the Masquerade, Mutants & Masterminds, World of Warcraft, Dungeon World

Episode 157



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The Dragon Fisters Episode 113: Actual Play – The Other Village

This Episode: Our group stumbles upon a village, and at first it seems much of the same old thing. That is, until they begin to look around and find some rather strange leavings of the residents of this little hamlet. Then, things get even more weird.

Jesse (Game Master), Dave (Agnim), Al (Marmolek), Besse (Leo), & John (Gallyn)

Direct Download
RSS Feed
Podcast Land




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Exciting news coming out of Denver Comic Con


Comic Book Classroom Partners with PlatteForum to Engage Urban Students in Education

Teens Learning Comic Creation in Order to Teach Younger Students


DENVER – April 17, 2014 – Comic Book Classroom (CBC)a Denver-based nonprofit designed to help promote literacy through pop culture—including its popular Denver Comic Con and Literary Conference (DCC), today announced a partnership with PlatteForum to empower teens to make an impact in younger students’ education and self-awareness through comic book creation.


PlatteForum is an award-winning and innovative nonprofit arts, youth-development, and urban artist-in-residence program in Denver that teams youth (K-12) from around the Denver metropolitan area with artists in intensive, structured, and long-term creative learning environments. Fifteen youth from their ArtLab internship program work side by side with master artists, and in this case, CBC instructors, to collaboratively plan, produce, and exhibit their own comic book. The high school students will then apply what they learned in an instructor role with classes of younger children from the Colfax Community Network.


“We’ve found that storytelling through comic books engages students not just in the process of learning, but also helps them express themselves artistically,” said Illya Kowalchuk, director of education for Comic Book Classroom. “And by adding on the layer of ‘teaching the teachers,’ the older kids are taking their sense of ownership and accomplishment and helping even more kids. In a sense, learning through comics and pop culture becomes viral as more and more kids impact other kids. It’s really exciting to see.”


The PlatteForum classes are being conducted now; the student-led classes will begin this summer.


PlatteForum student-instructors will be invited to participate in DCC’s “Experience the CoMix,” an interactive cultural field trip designed to provide students the opportunity to develop an appreciation for the role of pop culture in all of our lives. Students will attend panels where they will learn about things like fields of employment in pop culture and how to develop their own skills as writers, artists, and consumers of culture.


TV’s Green Arrow, Stephen Amell, to Appear at Denver Comic Con

“Arrow” Star at DCC on Saturday, June 14, 2014


DENVER – April 17, 2014 – Denver Comic Con and Literary Conference (DCC), a program of Comic Book Classroom (CBC) designed to help promote literacy through pop culture, today announced Stephen Amell will appear at the convention on Saturday, June 14, 2014. Amell stars in CW’s hit television show “Arrow” as Green Arrow/Oliver Queen.


“Amell’s Green Arrow is a shining example of how well DC comics is bringing its characters to television,” said Dr. Christina Angel, DCC convention director. “’Arrow’ is a hugely popular show; we’re honored to have Stephen in Denver.”


The premiere of “Arrow” in 2012 drew more than 4 million viewers, making it the CW’s most watched program in more than three years. The show is a critical success and continues to be one of the most watched shows on the network.


Prior to “Arrow,” Amell appeared in “The Vampire Diaries,” as a series regular, on the 3rd season of HBO’s “Hung,” had recurring roles on Fox’s comedy “New Girl” opposite Zooey Deschanel, as well as a romantic arc with Amy Brenneman as EMT “Scottie” on ABC’s “Private Practice.” In the fall of 2007, Stephen won a Gemini Award for Best Actor in a Guest-Starring Role for his work in “Regenesis,” a dramatic series on Canada’s, The Movie Network.


Amell joins other DCC celebrity guests such as Bruce Campbell, Adam West, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar, Karl Urban, Michael Rooker, Chandler Riggs and Jennifer Hale. DCC continues to add guests to its 2014 roster.


For more information about Comic Book Classroom, its diversity mission or Denver Comic Con and ticket information, visitwww.ComicBookClassroom.org or www.DenverComicCon.com.


About Denver Comic Con

Entering its third year, the Denver Comic Con (DCC) is Denver’s premiere pop-culture fan experience, covering the worlds of comic books, film, and related media. It is also an extension of and an awareness builder for its parent organization, Comic Book Classroom. For the latest news and information, visit www.denvercomiccon.com.

About Comic Book Classroom

Comic Book Classroom (CBC) is a charitable organization that educates through alternative approaches to literacy, learning, and character development. CBC creates programs for underserved students, schools and communities via comic books, graphic novels, and related media. CBC is the organizer and producer for the DCC. www.comicbookclassroom.org.

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An Elegant Weapon Episode XCVII…Devil Dealers

183The Jedi Ras welcomes Ross May, writer of Devil Dealers and Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We talk Turtles, Eastman and Laird, Star Wars and Devil Dealers, his new book from Markosia Enterprises along with artist Brett Wood. Prepare for fiddle battle. A Jedi Ras cut. Episode XCVII     ???????????   devilpin

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Two J’s Later Episode 21

Josh fills Jay in on his trip to Emerald City Con over in Seattle, which begs the question, if flying from Colorado to Seattle, can one carry cannabis?

A Jedi Ras cut.

Episode 21


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Gamerstable – Ep156 Shiz That Didn’t Work

Sometimes things just don’t work out. Sometimes you power through until you get through it, sometimes you endure it for years and sometimes you cast it aside. Dealing with someting that isn’t working is a hard thing to do and sometimes can wreck your game. We talk about some things that didn’t work for us and what we did in those cases.
If you have some input on this, leave a comment here, via email or on our Facebook page.

Cast – Eric, Dan, Brandon, Shannon, Jayson and Shawn

Intro: Mike
Outro: Mike

Items Mentioned:
Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, Shadowrun, Bioshock, Grand Theft Auto V, Dungeon World

Episode 156



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The Dragon Fisters Episode 112: Actual Play – Poles, Prayers, and a Pillar

This Episode:  Our group continues their journey down the river, taking the express route to their next spot on the map.  What they find along the way though is entirely new to any of them, most surprising of all to Gallyn and Marmolek; one of trepidation and one of excitement.

Episode 112


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A Critical Moment of Awesome Ep. 143 – Captain America Goes On A Lazer Mission

This week’s Critical Moment of Awesome has special guest Dean, the Movie Cynic as he joins Dave the Drummer and Francis the Other Guy in giving a non-spoiler review of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But that doesn’t excuse us form our bad review as we also talk about the Brandon Lee classic, Lazer Mission. As always we devolve into talk of smoking coffee, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Steve Buscemi, and SO much more. So sit back, relax, and sip that Super Soldier Serum, as we delve into another week at Crit Mo.

You can find Dean the Movie Cynic on Youtube at - https://www.youtube.com/user/TheMovieCynic87

- Smoking coffee? Bean heads - http://gawker.com/stupid-teens-reportedly-smoking-coffee-for-the-caffeine-1555310483

- Face mashups:  Steve Buscemi and Emma Watson - http://youtu.be/Uzzm0xab-WU

- Steve Buscemi -  Park Bench: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv-movies/steve-buscemi-sells-web-series-park-bench-aol-article-1.1743362

- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - http://www.rollingstone.com/movies/news/johnny-knoxville-will-voice-leonardo-in-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-20140404

- Bad Song – Vanilla: No Way No Way - http://youtu.be/1m9n5Uv0bp0

You’re listening to A Critical Moment of Awesome, the devolution of a great idea. From pop culture, to music, movies, games, science, food and more, we really do cover it all. If you want to suggest a topic, have questions or want to tell us what we got wrong, write us at critmo@mail.com. Thanks again for listening.





Voicemail: (347) 450 – GEEK (4335)

Episode 143


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Gamerstable : Edge of the Empire – Ep155

Our love of Star Wars is well documented. We recently started up playing Fantasy Flight Games’ RPG Edge of the Empire. We attempted to play it months ago as a one-off game and now we are sustaining a lengthy campaign of it. So we decided to give our thoughts on the game so far.

If you have some input on this, leave a comment here, via email or on our Facebook page.

Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Shannon, Jayson and Shawn

Intro: Jayson

Outro: Jayson

Items Mentioned:

Star Wars, Dark Heresy, Gen Con, Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, Shadowrun, Firefly

Episode 155



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The Dragon Fisters Episode 111: Actual Play – Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

This Episode:  A new day brings new hope.  Our group helps Gallyn search for the one last person that may be able to help them figure out what has been going on in this town, and they look for him in the one place that someone would have been able to survive a goblin incursion.

Episode 111





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New show!! Back When We Were Interesting Eps 1 and 2.

Hello everyone and thank you for checking out our inaugural episode of Back When We Were Interesting. It’s a podcast about life, the universe, and all the things between. It’s where we all share stories from the exciting to the embarrassing, to the geeky and the freaky. So come join us on our first time out and share your stories with us, as we talk about our convention experiences and talking to the semi-famous. Share your experience at feedback@backwhenpodcast.com

Episode 1


Welcome to Back When We Were Interesting, where we talk about the stories and the experiences that make us and you, interesting. This week Josh and Francis recount their first dates as teens and young adults. It’s awkward, it’s uncomfortable, but can ultimately be awesome. But before we even delve into the dating world, Josh recounts his time at Emerald City Comic Con, and shows us how he’s becoming a convention hopping regular.

Send us your stories to: feedback@backwhenpodcast.com
Follow us on Twitter at: @BackWhenPodcast
Visit the website: http://pointsofinterestpodcast.com/
Josh – @303_Ninja on Twitter
Francis – @sortageek on Twitter

Episode 2



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The Next Element #39 Lexington Comic and Toy Convention

Welcome back and many happy returns, you sweet listeners you!

That’s right, the boys are back! Anthony Bachman and Colin Addington are returned and your ears are about to bask in some aural seduction! Anthony is back from LCTC 2014 and he’s going to regale you with tales to delight and amaze. He saw Booger! Colin went to see Kevin Smith at the Sun Valley Film Festival and got a goose egg, but it was still kind of cool.

As always you can email us love or hate mail at thenextelementpodcast@gmail.com, and you definitely should be following us on twitter @nextelementpod, @anthonybachman, and @colinadding for amazing glimpses into the minds of a pair of deranged geniuses!

Episode 39




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POI Presents the AnimeLand Wasabi 2014 Wrap Up Podcast

POI Presents, The AnimeLand Wasabi 2014 wrap up!

POI was honored to have been chosen to be part of the Press Team for this year’s show!  In this wrap up, Josh had Jason from An Elegant Weapon Podcast come sit in and listen to the adventure that was AnimeLand Wasabi – They chat about some of the booths, merchendise, attendees and even a little about Anime.
KatieAlex and Josh had a great time taking in all the sights, art and the fun activities the Con had to offer.  Josh was excited to have an interview with David Vincent, someone who has wanted to meet for a couple years now.  But lets not spoil the whole episode in the notes, click the play button and listen in!
Also – Check out our Con photos on your FaceBook page
AnimeLand Wasabi was held at the Crowne Plaza DIA on Friday February 28 – March 2 2014
The New Way to Anime
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An Elegant Weapon Episode XCVI…The Drunk Without Fear

The Jedi Ras is joined by co-host of the Drunk On Comics podcast, Derek, for a jovial conversation about comic books, X-men, Star Wars and up coming adventures at Motor City Comic Con 2014.

A Jedi Ras cut.


Episode XCVI





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Lexington Comic and Toy Convention Photos 2014

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Ontario Collectors Con Photos 2014

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Toronto Comic Con Photos 2014

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The Junk Food Podcast episode 9

Phoenix, Amanda and Jay get some cavaties chomping down on some X-men Days of Future Past and then get all sciencey with a little experiment from Ms. Undies of Wondies.

A Jedi Ras cut.

Episode 9




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Gamerstable High School Superhero Campaigns – Ep154

Playing superheroes in high school gives you the opportunity to lighten the mood and can open up a lot of storytelling options.

If you have some input on this, leave a comment here, via email or on our Facebook page.

Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Brandon, Chasity, Greg, Jayson and Shawn

Episode 154



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The Wombmates Episode 75: Celebration Time!!! Come On!!!

The three Amigos are together again to celebrate episode 75!!! James, Jason and Andrew talk about a ton of nerdy topics!!! They start off with a question from Monkey Squad One himself, Doug Michel, then they talk about MegaCon, X-men trailer, James’ schooling, FF omnibus, Doc Unknown, City in the desert, Ant Colony, The Deep and Muktuk Wolfsbreath; Hard Boiled Shaman (yes, you read that right)!!! We would like to thank everyone that listens, tweets us, supports us and helps us build a great comic book loving community!!! As always… enjoy!!!

Episode 75




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The Dragon Fisters BONUS Episode: Actual Play – Mouse Guard Review

This Episode:  Just after finishing up our first ever Mouse Guard session, we sit down and discuss our thoughts and feelings on the system and how we handled it.

Mouse Guard review


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A Critical Moment of Awesome Ep. 141: Google the One Eyed Girl

A Critical Moment of Awesome brings back Dave the Drummer and Francis the Other Guy for a new week of nonsense. This time around it’s about the missing airplane, as we recorded before the whole finding out it crashed in the ocean, to Katey Sagal, Futurama, The Shield, Duckman, one of Steve Buscemi’s first films, a comment on the blog, the controversial Frozen movie, and so much more. We enjoy some funny, some disappointing, and some Russian N’Sync on this week’s Crit Mo.

Frozen Agenda - http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/moviesnow/la-et-mn-christian-radio-frozen-gay-agenda-20140312,0,5118956.story#axzz2wljOUN6Q

StekloVata – Noviy Noviy Godhttp://youtu.be/xWa9sJzgM4A

You’re listening to A Critical Moment of Awesome, the devolution of a great idea. From pop culture, to music, movies, games, science, food and more, we really do cover it all. If you want to suggest a topic, have questions or want to tell us what we got wrong, write us at critmo@mail.com. Thanks again for listening.

Episode 141


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Enormous…a film/comic book review by Jay Webb.



Enormous, a live-action adaptation of Tim Daniel and Mehdi Cheggour’s comic of the same name, debuted  on Machinima on Thursday, March 20th. BenDavid Grabinski directed the effort with a script by Grabinski and André Øvredal, writer-director of the 2010 international hit Trollhunter. Watch the trailer now on YouTube.

Ceren Lee stars as Ellen Grace, a member of a United Nations search and rescue team scavenging the decimated cities of North America in search of missing children while desperately trying to elude marauding human factions before something … bigger finds them. The cast also includes Steven Brand (Wrong Turn 2), Erica Gimpel (True Blood, Veronica Mars), Billy Miller (Young and the Restless), Joe Swanberg (You’re Next, Drinking Buddies), Todd Farmer (My Bloody Valentine) and Simon Barrett (You’re Next), Garret Coffee (Bunheads), Charles Melton and Dallas Liu. The live-action adaptation is only the beginning of an exciting future for Enormous as the title will follow up with new a new monthly comic book series beginning in June, and published by 215 Ink.

“215 Ink had the courage and foresight to accept Enormous as it was originally conceived,” says Daniel,  “they also clearly understood the work Prime Universe Films, Pure Imagination Studios and Machinima were doing to bring the adaption to fruition. 215 Ink gave Enormous a home and a new life. To all independent creators this is a notion worth strongly pursuing. Go where you are wanted. When you think about your options, think bigger.”




I was also lucky enough to get a look at the first issue of the new ongoing comic series that will be accompanying the show. Written by Tim Daniel, and art by Mehdi Cheggour, the story follows a U.N search and rescue team as she come to grips with the loss and devastation the world has encountered, caused by the giant monsters unleashed by the events of E-day. Both Tim and Mehdi clearly know where they want to take this comic series, and it becomes evident straight away. The way the first issue progresses show that characters are going to be the focus, and how they build and adapt to the world around them. The building and maintaining of relationships that surround the lead character. The giant beasts are merely an added bonus for us the reader. The story is well written and the art is great, truly gripping and makes you want to turn the page.

The original graphic novel was the basis of the of the web show that is distributed by Machinma, and this issue is the beginning of a new ongoing comic series that is being published by the creator owned comic publisher 215 ink, and will be available in all “good” comic stores in June 2014.

However, if you cannot wait for the new comic series, here is the first episode of the great new show based on the creation.

I really enjoyed the inaugural short episode, and I hope you do too, because this could be a great start to a new era in giant monsters in the media.


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The Junk Food Podcast episode 9

Phoenix, Amanda and Jay get some cavaties chomping down on some X-men Days of Future Past and then get all sciencey with a little experiment from Ms. Undies of Wondies.

A Jedi Ras cut.

Episode 9


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Gamerstable Ep153 – Minions

We’ve noticed that in a lot of current RPGs there have been rules in place that downgrade one group of enemies so that they aren’t much of a threat individually, but in a large group can be quite tough. Those are the minions. Are they the key to “cinematic” combat or just a gimmick?

If you have some input on this, leave a comment here, via email or on our Facebook page.

Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Brandon, Shannon and Shawn … oh and Jayson

Intro: Dan Outro: Dan

Items Mentioned: Star Wars, Mutants & Masterminds, Victoriana, FATE, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Dungeons & Dragons, World of Warcraft, Batman, Star Trek, Despicable Me, Community, Hunter the Vigil, Ninja Panda Taco




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The Dragon Fisters BONUS Episode: Actual Play – Mouse Guard, Part 2

This Episode:  We continue the adventure of The Snake Fisters, as we follow our members of the Mouse Guard.  We’ll be playing an RPG using the Burning Wheel and based on the graphic novels of the same name by David Peterson (@mouseguard), and picking up where the corrupted audio file let’s us.

Mouse Guard Part 2


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The Next Element #38 The Lexington Comicand Toy Convention!

Welcome childrens to another magical episode of our fine frivolity. The Lexington Comic and Toy Convention was an adventure and a half, the bad news being I am indeed exhausted. The good news is I have something to brighten my mood and my spirit, the return of Jules Rivera! She was kind enough to lend us a bit of her time again and talk about a handful of tasty topics the main course of which is Kickstarter. Jules has her own Kickstarter going right now for Misfortune High Book 2(just click the name to follow the link!) but being the kind and talented person she is Jules lays down what I can only call a class in fundraising. So prepare yourself for Kickstarter 101 and the magic that is the return to Misfortune High!

Episode 38


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A Critical Moment of Awesome Ep. 140: Those Awkward High School Years

This week’s Critical Moment of Awesome has Dave the Drummer and Francis the Other Guy reminiscing about Secondary School, or High School for us American folk. It’s the highs, the lows, and the awkwardness in between. Then we go way off topic and talk about robots and the FUTURE! It’s all this, and so much more, in this week’s Crit Mo.

Bill Gates: People Don’t Realize How Many Jobs Will Soon Be Replaced By Software Bots - http://www.businessinsider.com/bill-gates-bots-are-taking-away-jobs-2014-3

You’re listening to A Critical Moment of Awesome, the devolution of a great idea. From pop culture, to music, movies, games, science, food and more, we really do cover it all. If you want to suggest a topic, have questions or want to tell us what we got wrong, write us at critmo@mail.com. Thanks again for listening.





Episode 140


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The Wombmates Episode 74: Born Dark with Lela Gwenn!!!

Lela Gwenn ( @LGwenn on
twitter) Joins the show to talk about her Kickstarter project Born Dark!!! It’s
a dark fantasy comic book with a splash of horror Ala Stephen King. It’s
beautifully painted in a water color and the Goblins look wicked mean. We talk
about her influences, tips on running a Kickstarter, artists she would like to
with and what she’s been reading! All this and more. I really want to see Lela
get funded so go to her Kickstarter at Born Dark and help out!!! As always…enjoy!

Episode 74



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We are proud to welcome…Gamerstable RPG Podcast!

We here at P.O.I are very pleased to announce a new addition to the family…Gamerstable RPG Podcast.  Here’s a bit about the show from the kids in their own words…


“Some of us have been a part of this gaming group since 1984. The rest have been corrupted and brought along as the ages pass.

We are nerds, from before the time when being one was cool.We have played a lot of roleplaying, board, card and miniature games over the years and have become jaded and crass about them. We are opinionated elitists that love nothing more than bagging on the folly of others.

To us, PC means two things… Player Character & Personal Computer. If you are easily offended by toilet humor, foul language or the total depravity of the human condition, this podcast is probably not for you.”


make pod.



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An Elegant Weapon Episode XCV…Toronto Comic Con Casual 2014

leiaheader2Shawn Nixon and The Jedi Ras head down to Toronto Comic Con 2014. The Jedi Ras chats with artist Shawn Daley of Terraquill, creator of the web comic Ball and Chain Christina Marin and Geek seamstress SparkleGirl Jen while Nixon conducts a little business with Tony Moore.

A Jedi Ras cut.

Episode XCV







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The Wombmates Episode 71: The Dying Breed with E.J. Cedric!!!

WombMatesLogo_jpegE.J. Cedric (@EJCedric on
twitter) comes on the show to talk about his new Kickstarter project The Dying Breed !!! It’s a throw back to the pulp comics but
brought into the current time and problems that mirror our own. We also talk
about the writing process and apps to help with writing. As

Episode 71




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The DragonFisters BONUS Episode: Actual Play – Mouse Guard, Part 1

This Episode:  We get shrunk down and become The Snake Fisters, as we begin our careers as members of the Mouse Guard.  We’ll be playing an RPG using the Burning Wheel and based on the graphic novels of the same name by David Peterson (@mouseguard), and picking up where the corrupted audio file let’s us.

Kelli (Game Master), Jesse, Dave, Gabby, Al, & Besse

Actual Play-Mouse Guard Part 1





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A Critical Moment of Awesome Ep. 139: A Murderous Koala With The Benefits of A Potato

A Critical Moment of Awesome is all new with Dave the Drummer doing impressions, Francis the Other Guy rapping about the Game of Thrones, and we tell you a little more about the bad than the good. With talk of an Executive Koala, The Oscars, upskirts being legal for a minute, the benefits of potatoes, robots, and a way to make your girlfriend THINK you like her, we’ve got more weirdness, bad, and some good, than you can shake a stick at. And I really don’t know why that saying persists. It’s all that and much more, on this week’s Crit Mo.

Episode 139




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The Next Element Podcast #37

Tentatively titling this episode “In a row?”

The boys are back and we are better than ever. We were nice enough to let you have a nice quiet Jan/Feb to ease into the new year but things are rolling again and we are going to tell you about them. The things I mean. The stuff we’ve been doing. You get it right?
So settle in as we blast into 2014 Next Element style with the return of Colin Addington!
@anthonybachman @colinadding @nextelementpod
- Anthony
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The Dragon Fisters BONUS Episode: Actual Play – POI Delvers Part II

This Episode:  With the Delvers discovering a booby-trapped yet still viable entrance to the bandit layer, they begin to carefully make their way into the depths of these despicable desperadoes.  I can assure you that much blood, bone, swearing, and stabbing ensues.

Part 2


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The Wombmates Episode 69: IDW Should Do A Starcom Comic…

Sean Fagan ( @potatowast3 on twitter) joins the show and we get right down to business! We
talk about G.I.Joe, Chuck Dixon, TMNT, Judge Dredd, Spider-Man, IDW, 80′s
cartoons, Starcom: the US Space Force, Claire Connelly and of course some
SERVANT talk!!! As always…enjoy!

Episode 69



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Thaniel…a comic book review by Jay Webb

photo 2      When I began reviewing comics, I started with a book called “XENOGLYPHS” which is written by Omar Spahi. Xenoglyphs is a very different book to “Thaniel” but that isn’t a bad thing.

Thaniel follows the capers of a young man struggling with a somewhat split personality. Normally, Thaniel is your average guy, but when he is going through the local scum bags, drug dealers, and villains he becomes Thaniel, dark avenger of the night. He is a dark troubled individual that not only battles criminals, but also battles with his inner conscience and duelling conflicts between right and wrong in his own inner monologue.  photo 4

Omar Spahi has not only created his own stories, but also runs his own publishing company OSSM comics, which has published this comic. Omar has crafted a dark vigilante tale, with all the aspects required to move through this first issue without even realising you have come to the end. Not only all this, but Omar has picked an awesome artist to collaborate with.

photo 3Terry Huddleston is the artist for this book, and I have to say, he is a great addition to this team. He has a great style to his art, added almost a crosshatch, scratch style to his shading and dark areas. He portrays movement and speed in a great way, using the dark greys and blacks, and only mixing in reds for bloody scenes and panels. The comparison between facial tones and shaded areas works very well together, and the blood spatter effect just adds to the feeling of the book.

With letters by Steve Wands, and editing duty’s falling to Vincent Moore, Thaniel is an intriguing and distinctly different to the

publishers other works, which I highly recommend. This is truly the definition of creator owned comics, Omar and the OSSM team, we salute you sir. Doing things on your own is clearly working for you guys. photo 5

Everyone should check out Thaniel, and OSSM comics as soon as you can.


Visit OSSM COMICS , home of Thaniel



photo 1

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The Dragon Fisters Episode 107: Actual Play – Lady of the Lake

This Episode:  After heading out of the quaint little town, our group sets off in search of their next point on the map.  There’s a period of adjustment as the newest member attempts to make himself a place in the group, but all that goes on pause when they come across a small placid lake.

Jesse (Game Master), Dave (Agnim), Al (Marmolek), Besse (Leo), & John (Gallyn)

Episode 107





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Hey, kids! Prepare your audible receptors for an insane influx of new episodes coming at ya from The Junk Food Podcast , An Elegant Weapon , The Wombmates, A Critical Moment of Awesome, and Speak G33k 2 me!   Also, The Dragon Fisters present a special Bonus actual play episode featuring various hosts from around the network as well as the return of Spoiler Alert Theatre! The multi POI host show makes it’s debut on the POI network with The Hihghlander session. In News, Con season starts to creep in as Josh Hawkes attends the Animeland con this weekend and J.M. Clark makes his way to Toronto Comic Con the following weekend, which means lots of fun con pod coverage will soon be coming your way. Stay tuned and #makepod !



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